Taxation and tax consulting

Support from across the practice

We all have to pay tax, but it is your right to arrange your affairs to best advantage while keeping within the law. No-one should have to worry about that.

The rules can seem complex, irrational and are always changing. A saving achieved in one tax is often lost in another. You can feel lost, which adds to the worry, and sense that you may be missing out.

With Effective Audit, you will get all the help you need. Getting the basics right is assumed from a best practice firm. The paperwork, the deadlines: all up-to-date and in control.

With confidence in the basics you can sensibly plan ahead. We will help you do the simple things, arrange your affairs to suit you and keep an eye on your longer term choices.

You will always have access to our tax consulting team. Although they will usually be working on your affairs in the background, we will bring them in to help you when you are ready for more complicated planning or advice.

We can help you with:

  • Minimising the tax on transfer of your business when you are ready to retire
  • Making sure your business is not getting in the way of your goals or causing tax problems. Helping you restructure when it is needed
  • We help to minimise capital costs for projects and acquisitions, and manage the taxes on income and gains
  • Planning to minimise your personal tax burden or just for handling the family wealth sensibly
  • At the very least a consultation with a VAT specialist may put your mind at rest. It also regularly saves businesses money as well as avoiding potential disputes with National Revenue Service & Customs